Your Dream Office: A Quick Guide in Office Design

An office is a place where you work. That’s why the office should be conducive to working. You must be excited to be at your office. Office design is essential because the environment where you work influences your productivity and creativity.

office design

The modern office focuses on appearance, comfortability, accessibility, and ergonomics. The office must not be a place that you would hate. It must be a place that you should love amid the workload you have.

If you’re planning on making your dream office come true, here are some things that you need to consider before calling an interior designer.

Size of the Office

Does size matter? Yes, it does. The size of the office will help the interior designer think about how to utilize every square foot of space in your office. If you want a small office, the interior designer aims to maximize the little space.

If you want a large office, the interior designer aims to use all the space without wasting any square foot of it. The size of your office depends on the place of the office. Is it at your house? Are you renting an office place at a building? Is it a dedicated office at a co-working office?

Accessibility of Your Desk

Your desk will be your throne for the rest of your working hours. If you’re more of a private person, you would want to stay in your office most of the time, right? That would mean that there must be a comfort room inside your office.

The office must have a mini pantry on the side where you have all the basics like coffee, water, biscuits, etc. There must be a small couch somewhere else in case you want to lie down. Check Inscape Projects for more details.

However, if you want to get out of your office now and then, most of the amenities will be outside. If you have a secretary, you will have to see her several times of the day or if you have clients waiting outside.

In deciding if you want more privacy or not, you should assess yourself. Communicate your desire to the designer, and he’ll (she’ll) try to draft the office design.


Thinking about the facilities must be the most exciting. The basic amenities will be a pantry, reception area, and stockroom. If you have a small office space, it will be hard to put separate rooms for each amenity.

The pantry must contain necessary appliances like a small refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, and water dispenser. If you have an ample office space, you can put a three-seater round table if you want to eat.

You can also place hanging cabinets to store food, chips, cookies, biscuits, and other food products. You store additional supplies and dining ware there like tissue, coffee filters, cups, plates, and utensils.

The reception area at the basic has a sala set. You can innovate the reception area according to your desire as long as you have space.

The office design may also contain a small gym, a mini function room, and even a little entertainment area. Design ideas are unlimited. You can have all of these as long as you have the resources to achieve it.