Mitsubishi: Problems and Solutions

According to Ewan Kennedy, Mitsubishi has long been a major player in the Australian 4WD and SUV sales race. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is an automobile that is known globally for its uniqueness and reliability. Buying a Mitsubishi is a big investment, which needs to be taken care of well to preserve its value. Therefore, it is important to regularly service and maintain your Mitsubishi lancer Brisbane dealers sell.

Like any other human made tech, an automobile tends to experience specific problems that may require you to visit a repair shop or fix it yourself. This article highlights various problems that you may face with your Mitsubishi lancer Brisbane dealers sell and how to fix them.

Mitsubishi Lancer BrisbaneStarting problems and air conditioning failure

One of the most common problems that you may face with your Mitsubishi lancer Brisbane dealers sell or a used Mitsubishi Pajero among others include issues with starting the engine. This problem may be as a result of software issues. These can be easily fixed by updating the software that are available to fix the problem. Another problem is the air conditioning failure in which it fails to blow out ice cold air on the colder settings. It is usually caused by low gas and easily fixed by re-gassing the system.

Seat failure

The problem of seat failure is also common and mostly involves the wearing down of leather on the seats prematurely or you can find the foam that makes up the base of the seat also wearing down quicker than expected. This results to a lack of comfort and ruins the overall interior look of your vehicle. You can fix this by replacing the foam and recovering the seats. However, it is cheaper to replace your seat and you can find replacements online on Mitsubishi websites like

Problems with automatic gear box

The problems facing the automatic gear box which is a sealed unit in your car will mostly involve issues with changing gears. You will know this is what is taking place if you notice hesitancy when the gears are changing or when gears are slipping. This problem will require you to buy a new gear box as they are sealed units.


Then there are rust issues. Mitsubishi vehicles have some of their versions manufactured in Japan and then imported to other countries. Thus they may not be made according to the European standards. This is because in Japan their roads are not salted in winter. So their vehicle versions do not have the same precautions built in. This increases the risk of these vehicles attracting rust when in areas where roads are salted in winter. This situation can be fixed by regular checks underneath the vehicle to remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated and cause rust. Treat any flakes and rust early by going to car servicing Brisbane specials to avoid a bigger problem to fix.

With the above tips in mind, you can easily fix your new Mitsubishi cars and be on your way on a much safer and comfortable ride.