Aromatherapy Health Benefits You Might Not Know About

If you haven’t tried aromatherapy, then you are missing out on many benefits. Just check out the website and you’ll see how some fragrances can evoke specific human feelings where it can enhance or tamper our moods and emotions.

Most oils used for aromatherapy comes from flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, and roots of particular plants, and are collected using a process called distillation. Through the years, aromatherapy has been providing health benefits, especially to the elderly. Listed below some of the benefits of aromatherapy.

An Effective Antidepressant

Aromatherapy is popularly known for being able to lessen if not eliminate the feeling of anxiety and depression. While aromatherapy was only being used by many as a complementary treatment, experts from highly recommend aromatherapy as an alternative to pharmaceutical antidepressants due to its complicated side effects.

Quickly Relieves Stress

The reason why it effectively heals one’s anxiety and depression is that it contains some relaxants that help to soothe one’s mind and relieve stress before it turns to anxiety. For quick relief, you can do aromatherapy in your home without going into an expensive spa. Visit and choose from wide varieties of essential oils used for aromatherapy. Certain research shows that lemon oil has a positive impact on one’s mood and effectively lessens the outbursts of anger.

Improves Your Energy

Most of us are living in a very hectic daily schedule that often uses all our energy throughout the day. The recharge our body, we often take stimulants such as cigarettes, coffee, energy pills, or energy drinks. However, these types of stimulants often have negative effects on our bodies, and this is the reason why some medical experts discourage us from in taking any of them. Aside from eating healthy foods and regular exercise, you can add aromatherapy to improve your energy level further. Some essential oils are known to stimulate blood circulation without the dangerous side effects compared to those we have mentioned earlier.

Increase the Rate of Healing

Aromatherapy is also known for being able to speed up the healing process of our body. Most of the oils used for aromatherapy includes anti-microbial properties that keep the body protected during the healing stages, which in turn speeds up the healing process. Moreover, if you have skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, some oils, aside from helping the wounds to heal quickly, can also reduce any skin discomfort.

Effectively Reduces Headaches

From time to time, almost every one of us gets headaches, especially during summertime. Aromatherapy is a perfect alternative to treating headaches as well as preventing them from happening in the future. Some oils that are known for treating headaches are eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary oils.

Now, there are two ways aromatherapy is used–inhalation or topical application. The former helps disinfect and decongest your respiratory system and bring psychological benefits. Topical application, on the other hand, is more effective when oil is massaged on where it is applied.


Rather than relying on pharmaceutical products to fight different types of health problems, why not try the power of aromatherapy. For more details about aromatherapy and other essential oils, visit